Sunday, September 4, 2011

Renewable Energy for Urban Households in India

Domestic energy consumption pattern varies from country to country depending upon their requirement for various activities. According to one estimate, per capita energy consumption ranges between 0.201 to 0.902 ToE (Tons of oil Equivalent)* respectively for India and USA (1 ToE = 42 GJ = 11 630 kWhr.). If China and India adopt Western Lifestyles, an extra 500 MToE/yr will be consumed. India, in particular would therefore need more and more power plants to match even the per capita of the world which stands at 0.348 ToE.

In view of the recent developments primarily focusing on 'Energy Efficiency', there has been a lot of awareness in India on the conservative approach by the end-users. An attempt therefore is made here to look at prospects of domestic sector focusing mainly on renewable options for households.

Primary energy use of the household sector accounts for 15-25% in developed countries which could be higher in developing countries. Energy-based living standards and more efficient energy use are indeed opposing trends in developing countries that affect household energy consumption. Energy use in developing countries unlike western counterparts is primarily required for lighting, entertainment, water lifting and to a little extent air condition during peak summer months.

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