Sunday, September 4, 2011

Making the switch to energy efficiency lighting

They have been part of our daily life for such a long time that it seems odd that they will disappear. As from 1 September, 60 watt bulbs will gradually disappear from store shelves, as EU law will ban this type of bulb.

Why? Edison’s light bulb, which has produced light for more than 100 years, is simply no longer state of the art when it comes to lighting – they just consume too much energy for the light they produce. New lamps – producing similar light – be it an energy saving or compact fluorescent lamp (CFL), save up to 80 per cent more energy compared to the Edison style lamp and its lifetime is up to 10 times longer.

By changing all the light bulbs, an average family can easily save €50 per year on their annual electricity bill, and the EU as a whole can save the yearly output of 10 power stations and 15 million tonnes per year of CO2 emissions, which is like taking seven million cars (i.e. more than 23 times the number of cars in Malta) off the road.

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