Sunday, September 4, 2011

California Housing Complex Enjoys the Benefits of Solar Power

As California struggles through a poor housing market and high utility bills, people are beginning to look for alternative housing options as opposed to individual homes. This includes apartment complexes, multi-family homes and even mixed-use developments.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, almost 12 percent of all Californians were unemployed in June 2011. Thankfully, the Citizens Housing Corporation of California (CHC) offers some opportunities for struggling families. A non-profit organization, CHC is a housing development company that aims to improve the number of affordable housing options for low-income residents.

Aiming to help more families, the CHC constructed an affordable housing complex at Mosaica in San Francisco, California. The mixed-use development, meaning it supplies both housing and store front properties in a pedestrian friendly environment, consists of 117 units. The complex is greenpoint rated, meaning that it is graded on its ability for improving air quality, increasing energy efficiency, conserving resources and allows for a livable community, according to Build it Green.

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